How I chose my specialization

Every person throughout his life is faced with a choice. The choice can be as small and insignificant, such as the choice of sweets for lunch or very important, which can completely change your life in one way or another. I think that one of the most important is the choice of your future profession and the University where you will spend your best years. Every high school graduate is faced with this choice. He must decide who he will be and what he will do in the future. I'm no exception either. When I finished 11th grade, all my classmates have already known what they would do and where they would learn. I didn't know anything. I constantly changed my decisions and could not understand what I want. I've been drawing since I was 3. At the age of 5 I started to visit the art studio, after that I entered to the art school. I like to draw, it is my hobby. But I have never seen myself as an artist. In the 10th grade I transferred to the special art Lyceum at the Imperial Academy of arts and I decided to enter there. But I quickly realized that I had no chance to enter there, because I hadn't got any serious training and I realized that I need to pay much more attention to drawing too late. I did not succeed in many things; I was very upset and disappointed. I decided to finish high school and finish drawing forever. Finally, by the end of 11th grade, I didn't know who I want to be and where I will enter. But my grandmother gave me a good advice. She said that I should enter to the faculty of art history at St. Petersburg State University. She knew that I love history and she also knew that I had always been connected with art. I entered to this faculty, but I still didn't understand what to do next. When September came and I went to the University, I was really surprised and happy. I met a lot of smart and wonderful people. The best teachers teach there. I started to participate in competitions, make presentations at scientific conferences and seminars. I started working on my projects. I had a lot of different ideas. I'm interested in everything we learn. I want to study the devices the artist use to express thoughts and feelings. Moreover, I want to know more about the artists who created masterpieces so much admired by lots of people. Whereas I like the art of Spain, I decided to choose a topic for my research related to Spanish painting. Throughout the school year, I visited different libraries, looked for the information that I needed, read many books, articles and magazines. Now I finish the freshman year and I can say that I was not mistaken in my choice. I think that everyone needs to listen sometimes the advices of other people, not to be disappointed and not to give up your favorite activity, continue to work further and succeed there, where you thought it is impossible.

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