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Yangon is the largest and the most commercial city of Myanmar. There are so many things to do in Yangon. The city is crowded and attracts million of tourists every year. Among tourists, we can find different types like travelers, researchers, foodies, students and photographers. The weather is fair and the city is clean. Yangon is also famous for its sublime pagodas. The pagodas represent the symbol of Myanmar. During full moon day, all the Burmese and foreign Buddhist pray at the pagodas and we can learn Burmese culture as well. There are about 100 pagodas in Myanmar and each has its own history and symbol. The entrance fees are not so much expensive. The living expenses and accommodations fees are cheap. So, many teenagers also visit to Yangon every time. For those who love to eat, there are special places for foodies. We can taste various kinds of foods almost everywhere. We can see not only the delicious local foods but also the foreign. There are many restaurants available different kinds of foods. The famous foreign foods in Yangon are Korean Tobokki, Chinese foods, Japanese Ramen, Thai Noodle, Italian Spaghetti, Indian foods, Western dessert and pizzas. Many foreigners love to eat local foods especially Lat phat, Shwe Yin Aye, Shan Noodle, Nan Pyar Thote and nga pi. But, there are various kinds of Burmese foods which all the people can eat. Moreover, there are Yangon Night Market and Market place where is the paradise for foodie. Although there are a lot of shopping malls, there are not much places where we can eat different kinds of foods. So, I recommend the night market along the side of Yangon river and Market Place. For those, who love to discover and learn, there are many services for them. First, there is Mingalar Bus which give the travelers a most comfortable services and give the chance to discover the colonial and historic buildings in central Yangon. And, there is also Water Bus which can give the services not only in Yangon downtown area but also outside area of Yangon. They offers the travelers a most amazing Yangon's river view. Another point is that there are also many historic religious buildings. More interesting thing is that the buildings are built closed and give the travelers a breath-taking view. We can see Buddist temple and pagodas, Christian Church, Hindus Kali Temple, Jews Buildings, Armenian Church and Islamic Mosque. Each temples, pagodas and mosques are not very far away and they have been existed over 100 years ago. So, my suggestion for students, historian, archaeologists, anthropologists, journalists and photographers is to visit and study. There are also Cultural Heritage Initiative Tour (CHIT ) which can help you to figure-out. Travelers who like to make leisure activities, there are Myanmar Plaza, City Mall, Junction City, Junction Centers, Sein Gay Har, Hleden Center and Ga Mone Pwint plaza. There are places where shopaholic must go indeed. There , they can finds many famous brands, clothing, souvenirs, electronic devices and accessories. Burmese souvenirs and gifts are wonderful and creative. There are also shirts, trousers, clothes and things representing Myanmar. Moreover, there are also bars, coffee shop, restaurants,night club and disco club which make the Yangon's night more exciting and interesting. In every Friday's night, there are many people and workers who are releasing their stress in bar, karaoke, music club and restaurants. Every night, Yangon is attractive and lively. There are also skyline like Sakura Tower, Sule Square, Melia Yangon and Dagon Center where the travelers can enjoy aerial and night view of Yangon City.Travelers who love sports can enjoy different kinds of sports in Myanmar. The most famous sport in Myanmar is soccer. Travelers can watch exciting Myanmar National League every weekend. So, there are places where the travelers are enjoy in Yangon. There are many famous tourist attraction in each parts of Myanmar.

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