Journey to the Unknown

Many people think that to live at home is better. My homeland is Kyrgyzstan. I know the Kyrgyz language, Kyrgyz culture, and Kyrgyz customs. I am used to Kyrgyz nature and morals. I'm used to my home town, its streets, trees, roads, and buildings.My relatives and friends live in Kyrgyzstan, I have adjusted and adapted to the life in this country. But i want to tell you a story about my journey to the Unknown,the story about growing up and living independently. -Maybe I'll put you more warm socks? - Mom, do not worry, I have those woolen socks that my grandmother tied up. With these words, my journey to the Unknown began. I was not afraid, I did not want to run away, like the boy who was brought to the dentist. It seemed to me that everything should be like this... 2 years ago I flew to Krasnoyarsk to study at the Siberian Federal University at the Biological Faculty. I understood that I would face difficulties. I need to get used to the foreign language, the culture, customs, morals, laws of another country. I will have to adapt to a new place, a new country, a new city, a new home. I will have to fall in love with this country.And it happened. I was able to become a part of society, I could feel comfortable. It always seemed to me that gloomy people live in Siberia. But I've never been so wrong. Of course, in Krasnoyarsk terrible frosts, but the city lives by the warm hearts of city dwellers. Krasnoyarsk is considered an industrial city, but its true wealth is the people living here. Nordic looks on the outside, hot character inside. I felt like one of them. In fact, living abroad is the best thing that's ever happened to me. The cold has taught me to appreciate the warmth, people have shown how they love and live. During the years of my life here I have found many friends and associates, a huge amount of life experience, both good and bad. But most importantly, I've learned to appreciate the little things, like a loved one's smile, warm socks, and hot tea. Finally, I want to say that the fear of the unknown is the most justified fear. If you get the chance to go through the same thing I did, don't think about it. Go ahead, and who knows, maybe the unknown will be your second home. P.S.: Now I'm 20 years old, I'm a 3rd year student, I'm in love with a real Siberian beauty. Her name is Polly. And this essay I dedicate to her.

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