Thalay Broq - Valley beyond the world yd dhagd dke

Thalay Valley is in Ghanche, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, on the bank of Shyok River, The Shyok River meets Indus River at Keris about 30 kilometers west of Thalay. Thalay is 16 large and small mohallah: Daltir, Chundu, Tassu, Harangus, Parangghus, Haltagari, Yarkhur, Daltir, Gagurik, Baltoro, Burdas, etc. House Valley is to the east, Karis Valley to the west, Shiger Valley to the north and Daghini/Balghar are located to the south. Thalay Valley is 40km. away on the northwest from the district headquarters Ghanche (Gilgit Baltistan), and 110km from Skardu city and situated at 2,647m above sea level and falls in the single cropping zone. The main occupation is agriculture.

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