Every man dies. Not every man lives.

I have been rallying around this topic about 2 weeks, as I was shocked and this heartbreak affected the whole world. I needed a pluck to write and pose what I have been going through. Exactly, this is very controversial and explicit problem of these days that do not need any innuendo. Unfortunately, the Olympic figure skating medalist Denis Ten was killed on Thursday. Ten was stabbed after a dispute with people who allegedly tried to steal a mirror from his car in his home city of Almaty. He was born in Kazakhstan to a family of Korean descent, Ten's bronze at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 made him Kazakhstan's first medalist in figure skating. He was industrious person. He found a way to realize real his ME even when there were no opportunity in our country to go skating, namely no an ice rink and a coach. His mother wanted him to be well-rounded person, that is way joined him to divergent after class rehearsals, such as dancing, music classes, karate, drawing and so on. His affection to music was inherited from his mother. At the early ages of his childhood, he did not realize in which sphere implement his dreams and find a harmony of his heart and soul. However, 1999 after the staking competition, he was completely sure about his direction. When he turned six, their family moved to Russia in pursuit to find a wide range of opportunities for further developments. There his hard work and belief into the bright future made him a first Kazakh ice skater who become a winner in Olympics. In last five years, he was in Unites states of America, where he trained and underwent arduous days his life, as in spite of the injury, and prohibition to go trainings, he continued to reinforce his will and courage. He was well-known person, his friend canadian skater Patrick Chan, who won silver in the same competition, said on Twitter he was “honored and grateful to have shared the ice” with Ten. “One of the most beautiful skaters to have graced our sport. My thoughts are with his family during this unimaginable time.” The whole country was shocked. “His shining achievements brought glory to our country and helped popularize sport among young people,” Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said. “Denis was not only an excellent athlete, whose talents was recognized and honored in many countries of the world, but also a remarkable personality and a true patriot of Kazakhstan.” Everybody wanted to give a hand, two countries were coalesced to organize a funeral. Whereas, there were too many cons that need to be said. I was disappointed with the action of the residents who attended the funeral of this consummate person. I guess that people lost their humanity. 1. Two people who tried to steal the mirror were so egoistic, by stabbing his leg several times to hide their action and personalities. 2. According to the Korean traditions it is essential to hand out a hanky and mini-burgers(bread) that is a kind of a part of burial. There were a mass of people who came and shared this misfortune. And Ten's mother was roaring with pain. So she give a way to women, who were standing there to finish the dispensation of needs. Whereas these people showed very ignominious behavior. Unfortunately, they decided to not to hand out things. I was really upset with them. 3. At the beginning of the ceremony Ten's mother prevented a auditory NOT TO TAKE PHOTOS AND SELPHONES. Again the mass decided to photograph and share in social networks. Mother of Denis was at a stalemate and dropped her eyes to this horribleness. I think this actions should be said not hide, and taken into account not to humiliate somebody, but to avoid them next time. In addition, try to show good qualities in every possible moments of this very short life until the Judgement day. Furthermore, he organized a huge ice show “Denis Ten and his friends”. Eventually, the whole money was invested into the charity. He loved teaching to what he knows and organized master classes with international coaches for Kazakh children with his own budget. All these deeds make him a MAN of great importance, who loves his country and puts a maximum effort to make it flourish. He was able to understand and feel the importance of happiness rather that the fleeting deceit of the life. He was aware that the care and attention is the best cure to everything, not the pleasure we try to reach and get. Owning to this he reached a peak in his life. That is way, everybody born as a MAN with no deed. And cry by letting down the drops of tear of happiness. whereas, die in the same way but with the weeping of others. Here could rise a question that DID THE PERSON DIE AS A MAN? DID THIS PERSON LIVED AS A MAN? Ten had a short, but meaningful life. HE WAS A MAN AND A DIED AS A MAN. By being optimistic and laborious person, he was able to leave a great hope after himself, that we could do our best and become a developed country.

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