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My name is Taiwo Akorede, popularly known as TAAG. I am from Lagos; a southern part of Nigeria: a country that signifies as the heart of Africa with outrageous mineral resources complimented with humans'. A country with over 30 states and compelling historical centres. You might want to know more about Nigeria: feel free to make more research, or you see me in camera (laughs). I am an award winning motivational speaker, youth orientalist, and a passionate writer. In 2016, I founded an organization in Nigeria: “Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical leadership (FYL). A non for profit making organization established with the vision of creating a better generation of youths with sound leadership values and orientations. We trained over 1,000 young people within a year. At age 21, I authored my first motivational book: “The Green Light.” A book simply made to motivate people to soar higher and go after their dreams. You will agree with me that, my brief profile above is quite enthralling. But, guess what, my rome was not built in a day. I have severely fought with challenges in the past but I never gave up on myself. I will take you through my story briefly. I hope it inspires you. Six years back, I had a very wonderful dream for myself. The dream to be a professional accountant. I was so young and vibrant. I wanted what every other boy of my age would want,like finished from high school, get admitted into a university and pursue other ambitions. Then, I never dream of becoming a motivational speaker or a writer. If there was an adjective that could qualify my shyness more than excessively, it might have been used. All the dreams I had shattered when my Dad decided to send me and my twin brother to an Arabic college. It might interest you to know that, I am a muslim and one of the legitimate language of a muslim is Arabic (not mandatory). I was so sad, and mad at his decision because I had a different plan for myself which was interrupted, but what could I do? I couldn't disobey my father. I stopped eating, and denied myself of a good sleep. I pleaded, I cried, I prayed and begged God for a change of heart, but it was like destiny was playing a hard one on me that time because nothing changed; absolutely nothing changed . His decision still stand. A month after I started the Arabic college, I couldn't concentrate because that was not where my heart belongs. I started misbehaving and all. I didn't take studying serious anymore, but then I look into the mirror one day and discovered i have been acting weird. The pains in my heart is still as fresh like the first day I heard I will be attending an arabic college instead of going to a university or its subsidiary. I didn't want to be a shadow of myself. I want to be a respectable person . What have I done to myself . When did I become the opposite of who I use to be.. I can't continue like this, I just cant be like this anymore. Nelson Mandela says, “It always seems impossible until it's done.” During this period of time, I took up the challenge of bettering myself. Having discovered myself to be an activist, a public speaker and a writer, I started developing my skills and volunteering. I started participating in Youth programs and attending several workshops for speakers. I decided to start putting more effort into moderating my life and actualize what I am driven for. My dad later saw this passion in me, and my commitment. He submitted to my mandate and supported me on a long run. Did I forgot to mention how many scholarship that missed my way simply because I was yet to be a university graduate? I missed golden opportunities but God is not dead. I am proud of who I am. Before my migration from Nigeria, I was the youngest candidate in history to be nominated for a National position in the Youth council of Nigeria. In a nutshell, I bless God for all I have been able to do with my life so far. I think my Dad deserve a medal for looking beyond sending me to university immediately I graduated from high school because during those period in my life, I was able to vividly understand what drives me and what I am driven for. At a point, I was ashamed of telling people why I am yet to be a university graduate but not anymore, a journey delayed is not a destiny denied. I am now a student of NorthLake college majoring in Accounting. My message for you: do not doubt your dreams. If you doubt your dream, you might not go too far in life but if you purse significance, you will succeed beyond your imagination. Believe in the power of your dreams and develop the courage to pursue them until you succeed. You have to be committed to achievements and be relentless in pursuit of your success. The world is waiting to celebrate your success. “The probability that you may fail in the struggle ought not to differ you from the support of a course you believe to be achieved" (Abraham Lincoln).

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