The Peckham Quixote Trilogy

The story of Don Quixote by Cervantes told the ancient tale of a knight who attacked windmills which he believed were the enemy of the people. The Peckham Quixote makes no bones about mimicking the originals quest, but his modern day chosen foe becomes the infamous roadside Speed Camera. Slaying these one eyed monsters is not only payback for taking away our hero's job, car, home and ladylove, but makes the Peckham Quixote a local Robin Hood to the likely lads and speedsters of Peckham. Acting under the cover of darkness his reputation and fame grows but so does the determination of the local law to catch him. The Peckham Quixote is a three part comedy thriller written with an ‘Only Fools and Horses' situation comedy style. 5 Stars – Highly Recommended.

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