The Little Firefly and the Sun

26 years later, when I look back in life; I remember my first favorite teacher asking me one summer afternoon in class, "What do you want to be when you grow up, young man?". I pointed out of the window, to the blazing sun outside, "I want to fly to the sun and ask her to cool down a bit", I said. "How do you know the sun is a girl?", she seemed intrigued; "Because she always looks angry, just like my mother", my response was followed by a ring of laughter as miss favorite pulled my cheek, gave me a smile and said "Always aim for the sky, my little firefly!" That afternoon after lunch, my stomach full to the brink, my mind half numb, I gazed at the sun. My body felt light and I began to rise. A sparrow came by, chirped me a "Hi!" and I began to fly. I followed it's trail and began to rise, the sun blazing down, came nearer. The houses became smaller, the birds became fewer and I kept on rising till my eyes went yellow, the heat too much and I touched the sun. The Sun was angry, she had no friends, she had no love. I shook her hand, gave her a smile and promised her I will be back in a while. "Hey you boy, where are you looking?", just then I heard madam crazy-eye shout and remembered I was dreaming in class. 26 years later, when I look at my life, I see my fancy clothes, I see my new home, a new laptop in-front of me, I realize I am someone but Someone I have become but not who I wanted to be. I am no longer a firefly, my legs firmly grounded. I work a thousand hours a day with no life anywhere to be founded. I have made a lot of friends though, weird, crazy and fun, but none of them have the yellow and the glare of my favorite, "SUN!". When I look at the Sun now, she gives back an angry stare; I give her back a smile but she no longer cares!

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