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When my father sadly passed away some years ago he left me as the proud owner of a packet of pipe cleaners...among other things. As a none smoker the question came to mind of what exactly does one do with such amazingly versatile objects? So with a long history of painting and drawing for fun, I decided to have a go at creating a simple animation using pen, artist pad, plastercine, digital camera and computer. I chose the theme of a Kevin Ayres record that I have long enjoyed called ‘The Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes' and started my production. My resulting video can viewed on Youtube by searching ‘Hobson Tarrant' and if modesty permits I must admit to some pride in the appreciative comments based upon its naive charm. Spurred on by enjoyment of the task I invested in ever better systems and programs to develop a long progression of mainly tongue in cheek music cartoons. The process of developing my skills took me down numerous roads, one particularly opened the doors to the production of Digital Art, which I now use primarily for t-shirt or merchandise designs sold through an online retailer called Redbubble. As in all my creative works, I am freelance and will happily discuss any needs or projects for online development.

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