The camel and giraffe. ( kids story)

Once there was a party for all animals in the beautiful city of Udaipur.India. It was the birthday of king lion. He was celebrating it in a beautiful palace hotel. Invitations were sent to all animals. A beautiful birthday card in gold and ivory. All the animals who were invited thought of themselves to be fortunate to have been invited for such a grand party. There were two horses at the door to welcome all with garlands and perfumes. Animals from all over the world came to attend king lions party. Welcome drinks of sweet and tangy jaljeera and mango panna were served, soft music played. The guests mingled and talked. There was a beautiful peacock, a lovely deer, playful monkeys and dancing tigers. All kinds of animals were present. A tall giraffe walked in, head held high. He was proud and thoroughbred. He enjoyed the Indian delicacies. All animals were too happy with the good food and wonderful decoration of the party hall. King lion said “welcome my dear friends, please feel at home. I am too happy to have you here. The cake was bought in by family members of king lion. It was in the color of the sandy desert present in Rajasthan. There were some toy camels on it covered in cream. The cake looked like a mini desert area. All the guests were curious about the cake.” what does it stand for? ” A lovely lady eagle asked the king. King lion explained that it is a representation of the place. A tall dark camel stood at a corner in the party. He was listening to all that was going on. A bunny rabbit had never seen a camel in his life so he asked the king about the toy camels on the cake. The king smiled and replied “the camels are tall like the giraffe and magnificent!” The giraffe felt very offended at this. He came forward and bowed to the king lion and said. “Sir! You can see that camel in the corner of the room. I feel we are very different. My skin is fine and not wrinkled. My body is considered good looking and photogenic. I am rare and handsome. I just feel we are very different “. King lion smiled and asked the camel if he wanted to say anything…The tall camel just waved back and said that the giraffe was indeed good looking. King lion was quite pleased with the camel's sportive reply. The guests surrounded the king and the cake was cut. The party was in full bloom. The guests danced all night and had wonderful food. The day came to an end. Next morning it was time for all to go till the airport. The giraffe and a koala bear had to catch their flight to Australia. They were slowly on their way with their baggage, with a horse who was sent by the king to accompany them. When they reached halfway. A sandstorm started to blow. Slowly strong wind with thick sand was blowing. It was difficult for the bear and giraffe to see. They closed their eyes and clung to the horse. The horse pulled them gently behind a wall to save them from the sandstorm. . The storm took an hour to slow down. When the air settled the giraffe and koala bear realized that they were actually behind the camel for shelter and not a wall. The horse returned their baggage and the camel helped them reach till the airport on time. It was time for saying bye .The giraffe was filled with too many emotions…he felt shame and gratitude too at the same time his ego was not letting him speak at all. He turned back and asked the camel “why didn't you speak of your ability to protect others in the desert in the party? You are so good at it!! The camel looked into the giraffe's confused eyes and said “You were our guests for the evening and I just wanted you to be comfortable “.The giraffe was taken by surprise. He asked if he could hug the camel. The camel hesitated and said that he had sand over him. The giraffe smiled with a little tear in his eyes and hugged the camel “never mind my sandy friend. I have fallen in love with your sand!!” all the four animals had a laugh. The giraffe and bear left with warm memories…and felt as if a part of their hearts would always stay here on this land.

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