What I See, What I Wish

Right now, I can see the gray, almost white clouds blanketing across the sky. Rain droplets are steadily making their way down the glass. I see a large brick and glass dormitory where students have decorated their own windows with smiley faces and short jokes. Lights peek out from the basement of Race Hall. I also see groups of students wearing hoodies and raincoats as they walk to their next class. Many are carrying cups of coffee and umbrellas. Some are riding skateboards or drinking smoothies from Urban. One person is doing both at the same time. Short, skinny, leafy trees stand on guard in front of window blocking of my view. Their leaves are sprinkled with flecks of gold. I can see lamp posts quiet now, waiting for their time to shine. Puddles have started to collect around them. I can see the pale, smooth concrete surface of Drexel's own little part of Race Street. No cars are here to disturb it. Looking across the street, I can see Race Lawn. The green, lush grass is speckled with a few fallen brown leaves. I can see pink and red flowers gently swaying in the chilly breeze as they surround a Drexel directory display. Right now, I wish I could see the ocean waves hitting the soft sand of the beach. I would be able to see bright blue waves piling up before they crashed. I would able to see seagulls gliding around the beach occasionally stopping to waddle on the sand for a bit. They might even swoop down and steal an innocent pedestrian's French fry. The bright blue sky would be calling me with soft, fluffy clouds dancing across. The gentle plants in the sand dunes would be moving in the warm gust. Once in a while, I could see the dorsal fins of a family of dolphins pop up from the waves. I could see a family gently guiding a young child near the water and the child squealing with excitement when their first wave covers their feet. I would see the Ocean City boardwalk spread out below me. Crowds of families holding ice cream cones and Thrasher's French Fries would be happily traveling from one amusement to the next. I would see the colorful tops of beach umbrellas spread out across the sand. Some are patterned, plain, or just promoting the local hotels. I would see young adults playing Frisbee or some beach volleyball. I would see the lifeguards watching over all the people in the water. They would be sitting among the sunbathers with a whistle and rescue buoy at the ready. I would be able to see small airplanes carrying large banners across the sky with messages and promotions for nearly every business in town. I would be able to see small boats carrying groups of cruise-goers steadily across the waves. Speedboats would make their way past carrying the screams of thrill-seekers. There would be the bravest among us flying across the ocean while their bright parasails guide them.

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