Not alone

I can't hide the pain that I feel behind my smile, but I will try I long to feel something again, anything, maybe in time My happy face masks the uselessness that I feel inside I push on, even though I have a strong desire to run and hide I will go on everyday despite the disappointment I feel inside I will win this war that's constant inside my mind I am going to survive the torment of my disease that's buried under my pride I am refusing to give up, though it's hard, I feel the urge to look up I am tired of feeling like I am not enough I refuse to give up, my faith is strong Please stop telling me that everything I do is wrong I am enough and I am loved The one I seek everyday gives me strength to rise above Instilling in me the will to fight when I am weak He whispers, “I am here child, I am the one you seek.” I am starting to feel something beautiful deep within It's His love pulling me through the storm again I know that through anything I face I am not alone For God loves me and is guiding me home Even on those deep and dark days, I see his light Always helping me to win my fight

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