Armed conflicts and barbarism, contemplating the worst passions and pains of man, produce a vicious milieu. The lesson of history is that instead of resolving any issue ultimately, wars create more problems and tensions which, sooner or later, result in another conflict, and thus the process continues. The span between wars, the so-called terms of peace, are in reality temporary halts, and are used almost invariably for making formulations for the next round. The proclaimed plan of war is to defeat the enemy in anyhow, regardless of the cost in terms of human life and the expenditure on weapons and ammunition of various types. War always recur, like epidemics, despite the worldwide protestations of peace. The irony is that while almost everyone talks of peace and of the need to avoid wars, they simultaneously prepare for war, with the full, though tragic, realization that wars are inevitable and that it is the duty of all nationalists to keep ready at all times to defend their land, their national honor and glory against onslaughts from every source. Mankind apparently learns nothing from history and repeats the same blunders every few years. To err is human but not too much of illiteracy makes human. Victories are always partial but the countries at war fight in the conviction that they are out to reconcile an issue once and for all. Each player in a war thinks he is fighting for honor and justice; but in truth he is deluding himself. Wars and conflicts are the very negation of common sense and civilization, but those trying desperately to kill each other think they are defending the most precious human values, and their heritage, and thus doing their duty to their country, even while they are recklessly bringing ruin. Why do men and nations fight? Is war a biological necessity? Is it really an essential expression and a crude manifestation of a human instinct? Since then great efforts have been made to prevent the use of nuclear energy for destructive ends but alas, they have met so far practically with no success. The common man shudders to think of stockpile of atomic weapons in the armory of America and Russia. World War (1914-1918) and then, about two decades later, WW II, were supposed to be fought to end wars for all times. But there would not be the last chapter of war. The harsh reality is that each war has become more ferocious and destructive than the previous one. Effects of Hydrogen Bomb are widely more devastating. Dr. Albert Einstein, before his death, put his signature to a document in which it was pointed out that, "The best authorities are unanimous in saying that a war with H-bombs might quite possible put an end to human race. It is feared that if many H-bombs are used, there would be universal death sudden only for a minority, but for the majority a slow torture of disease and disintegration." However, the western nations believes that preparedness for war is the best security of peace. A war and conflict leaves behind bitter feelings of grievance which clamor for revenge, and ultimately lead to another war. An analysis of causes of war will also prove that wars settle nothing at all. When the issue was religion and religious fanatics had the upper hand, they thought the principles for which they fought would from then onward be universally accepted. When the issues are political, as they now generally are, instead of religion and race, the situation after a war is universally worse than before. Nor can peace ever be purchased by offering heavy sacrifices in war like misery in Asia and Africa. Two world wars are the price the many nations have paid in a bid to ensure peace, but in spite of the terrible price and the tragedy of it all, did real peace come or did disaster. Modern civilization is supposed to reflect humanity at its best unprecedented social and economic prosperity, liberation of women, and all oppressed individuals, a fair deal to children and youth, besides equality and fraternity. Fears of both Powers (U.S.A. and Russia) are, however, imaginary; neither desires to fight a war directly with the other but indirectly. Proxy wars are being fought in certain regions, such as the Middle East, but these do not end the rivalry, the jealousy to counter the other's manoeuvres. Anyhow, science has, on the whole, brought Hell in the world of human. It's not science to blame but its eagerness, haughtiness, and misuses of human that has wrought so much of havoc.

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