Every morning I have to remind my children to get out the door on time for school, making sure they have everything and are ready for the day. One goes to elementary, one to middle, and the other to high school. Every morning we wait impatiently for my oldest boy to get finished fixing his hair and get out of the bathroom and in the car. I give him the same speech over and over again to manage his time more efficiently. This morning was no different and getting into the Monday groove is hard, I know. I find myself being frustrated but forgiving and always sending them out the door with love and good vibes, trying not to ruin their day before it starts. While pulling out of his high school, I noticed a beautiful red Oldsmobile with a teenage girl behind the wheel struggling to turn into the school. Frustration and anger were evident as she turned over the engine only to have it die on her over and over again- she willed it to move. But it wouldn't, despite her reving the engine and shifting gears. To make matters worse, she was in the middle of both lanes-stuck, blocking traffic on both sides with honks coming from every direction. You could see her panic. Instinctively, I knew I had to help. For a second, the thought of “But I am one person, and not that strong, how can I push that big car by myself?” I didn't know and I didn't care, but I felt that I was there for a reason. So I jumped from my car, left it running and in place, ran to her window and asked, “can I push it?” She was scared and told me, “it's okay, I will get it.” I don't blame her for being cautious in this world. The car wouldn't budge, as she stayed inside trying to get it to turn over. I turned to go back to my car when the man behind me jumped from his. He asked, “ do y'all need some help?” To which I said, “she needs a push!” We both got behind the car and urged the girl to put it in neutral and she did. Still the car wouldn't budge. The man tried to get in and work the gears, but to no avail. Rain started to fall but we needed to get her out of harms way. The man lifted the hood and started working quickly, he asked me to hold a light and I did. I checked on the girl to make sure she was okay, she was staying in the car. She told me she was fine, just a little embarrassed. I understood and I assured her that everything was going to be okay. I couldn't imagine being a scared parent on the other end of her phone line. The man needed to go under the car to fix the switch where the gears could shift. At this moment two more good people came to help. The man asked if they could direct traffic while we were on the ground. They did as asked and traffic began to move closely around us. I held the light under the car as he crawled under it, it only took a few minutes for him to pull the gadget out that controlled the gears. At that point we saw the car beginning to move forward. Immediately we sprang into action, one man stopped traffic and the three of us who remained ran to push as the girl jumped to steer. We pushed her out of traffic and into the school safely. I made sure they were okay before grabbing my car and heading out. Life gives you lessons when you need them, just listen. 1. Time is precious and everything is on God's time. Because my boy is always running behind, I was put in that spot at that time. I should be more mindful that I'm not on my time, I'm on God's time. 2. What if that was my child and I couldn't get to them? I'd want to know that they were in good hands and there's still good people out there that would help them. 3. How dare I question if I can do things on my own, how dare I have such small faith. Thank you for the reminder that you are always with me God. He also strategically placed those other people in that spot as he did me, the man knew exactly what to do with that car to get it going. How incredible it was to see all of this. 4. A new appreciation for my children and their time. 5. God is greater than any of our problems and he may be answering someone else's prayers by placing you in their path. This was something I felt that I needed to share because I'm guilty of being frustrated with my kids/family at times but I needed the reminder that we are put places at times for a reason. God has us where he wants us and he will put you somewhere to pause your chaos to show you something beautiful and give you a strong reminder of hope.

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