ME & My First hopeless C-R-U-S-H

Having a crush is painful but not having a crush at all is too boring! I have fallen for guys for my entire life, it's never been just once I was in a real relationship. Because when you called it a crush, it's always broke. A crush is totally a person you secretly admire and you already know you will never have. This is life; you fall for someone you can't have. If you are lucky enough, your crush might turn into your boyfriend someday. But that will happen only once in a million! Trust me, you are the luckiest girl in the world for having a crush as your boyfriend. #And again that girl isn't me. It doesn't mean I do not appreciate moments I have with them, I did. Every guy I've fallen for taught me differently and I can't thanks them enough for that.I've grown a little day by day as having them by my side. I'm getting closer every day to know what real love means.​ I have to say I've learned a lot. As I look back to the past when I still have them around, I don't regret anything. Yes, I used to be sad and cry but I'm not that person anymore.I just wanna say thank you for coming into my life, for leaving marks in my heart and letting me grow. You guys have taught me a lot as anyone couldn't. #First crush xD: I was super too young to know what love is. I fell for him who is three years older than me. We talked a lot almost every day via messenger. This must be a dream come true to talk to your crush every night before going to sleep, but things didn't get that easy.​Then I slowly turned to be his crying shoulder, I have no idea when did that happen. I only know that I was there when he fights with his friends, I was there when he fights with his mom, I was there when he failed his exams, I was there when he needed someone. Once a crying shoulder, always a crying shoulder. He knew that I liked him but what he didn't know is that I wanted to be more than just a tissue paper when he cried. I didn't want to be someone he thinks of when he sad! I wanted to be someone he thinks of when he was happy. I was so sick and tired of listening to his drama stories. I was there with him getting through his tough time. But when he finally gets over his ex, his new girlfriend said she didn't like me so he had to choose between me and her. Guess what? he chose her! I totally had no doubt about that. Don't you see, when it's about being happy, he never thinks of me? I'm done of being a crying shoulder to anyone even he is my crush.​ #Goodbyeexcrush #thankyounext😂😂😂

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