Where's Home

"Where's Home?" Those words will forever be engraved in my heart. You are slipping away but I know you are tired. I can feel your exhaustion but strong will to hold on. You want rest, peace. You can't do what you used to be able to. It's okay, you can go. You can go Home now. Go and be free. Be free of pain and worry. Be free of despair and hurt. Be free of the chains that this world placed on your shoulders. Go Home where there is only happiness and no longing for more. Where love is all that thrives in the meadows and fields. Go Home where you can visit your Mom, Dad, and loved ones that you have missed so much. To where you fly high and when you look down you see the city lights glowing bright. Where you can sing again, you can put on a show. And when you go, don't worry for us down here. We will join you one day soon. You asked me in a weary voice, "Where's Home?" Those words will always stay deep in my heart and flutter through my mind when I think of you. This is my reply, "Home, Pop, is where you are always happy and love flows freely. Like the love that you always openly gave to me. Home is where your tired soul will finally rest, in the arms of our Father who knows you best. When you go Home, we know your heart will be full and we will feel your eyes shining bright and your warm smile touching our hearts when we look above. It's okay to go Home. We will always love you."


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