How to get connected and make friends on Biopage

Biopage is the place you can tell your story by writing. Write your biography to introduce yourself, and write stories as “updates” with pictures and words. Then how can you get people to read your stories, and how can you find people of similar interests to read their stories? 1. “Interests” in your profile: Do write your interests down. Clicking the keyword will show a list of people with the same interest. 2. Follow people with similar interests. 3. Enter “tag words” with your updates, separated them by commas. Clicking the tag words will lead to a list of posts having the same tag words. 4. Newsfeed shows posts of people you follow, by default. 5. Newsfeed “Popular posts” button leads to a list of selected popular articles. 6. You make bookmark the posts you like, which show under the “Bookmarks” button in Newsfeed (available on website only for now). Do you have any other ways to make friends on Biopage? Please comment below, and we can add them here. Happy writing!

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