Nature Teaches

Last night as I was doing an Instagram post, I was struck by two photos of flowers I'd taken just a couple of feet apart from each other. One was leaning to the right and the other was leaning to the left. Both flowers grew up under very similar circumstances, yet they responded differently. Neither one was attempting to influence the other to change the way it was leaning. I thought to myself how much we could learn from these flowers! I consider myself an independent with leanings towards the republican values and party. Yet I have good friends who grew up in very similar circumstances, and have chosen the democratic values and party. I wonder why, but we have mutually decided not to dwell on our political differences, which would only add stress. And yet, the vast majority of political activists deem it important to attempt to sway the other side to switch their loyalties. A stressful activity in my humble opinion. I was so impressed with the thoughts those flowers inspired that I created a collage of four of my photos showing two flowers leaning towards each other instead of away from each other. Below them are two other flowers also reaching towards each other. Do you think we can learn from nature?

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