Our Need for Perfection is Inherent

It's been a practice of mine for some years now to begin each day - generally around 4 a.m. - journaling my prayer time. I call it my Days of Communion. I have my tea, multiple colored pens, my journal, and worship or meditation music. The colors of my pens represent different streams of conscious: purple is mine (it's my favorite color), red represents the Spirit (like how the words of Jesus are distinguished in the Bible), and black, blue, and green are for miscellaneous things like definitions of words that I don't know or quotes of people that are relevant that mornings topic. Today is my 605th Day of Communion. As I collected myself and quieted my mind, I was drawn to the amazing feeling swirling in my solar plexus. I can't help but smile as I recall it now. I can't find the words to describe it. It was a mixture of pride, satisfaction, awe and love. I whispered, "Wow, this feels so good!" The following is the discourse that followed - it's in red in my journal :) Indeed, it does feel good. It's suppose to because you are living authentically by taking the steps that fulfill your passion. So many people are listlessly bumbling along without passion and excitement in their lives because they do not know who they are. Identity begats assurance. Assurance begats decisiveness. Decisiveness begats progression. Progression begats attainment. Attainment begats a higher awareness. Heightened awareness begats a deeper understanding of self which leads to a more refined identity. And then the cycle repeats itself until the dawning of self-actualization which is actually an authentic, holistic lifestyle. People like the statement "no one is perfect". OH, I BEG TO DIFFER! Self-actualization by definition is the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities and it is a need present in everyone. It is the cause of desperate cry: "why am I here?" The inherent drive for the answer to this question is so powerful that it can change the course of humanity. Once an individual reaches their highest level of psychological development and is thriving authentically in the fullness of their potential, they have reached their own level of "perfection" (because "perfection" in this form is subjective). They have, in essence, debunked the now cliched "no one is perfect" ideology - which is actually a form of social conditioning!! Let's take it a step further. Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48 This is the exhortation Jesus gave his disciples AFTER forty-seven verses of instructions on how to reach perfection within oneself and towards others. Earnestly following these instruction will lead to a higher state of consciousness which includes an in-depth awareness of who you are in the midst of others. It will also cultivate a heightened level of sociological empathy and compassion. This will consequently set in motion a quest for perfection among individuals thereby impacting the world at large. You see, the little steps you take in obedience to your own calling in life affects others in ways unbeknownst to you. Like the pebble dropped into a lake: the ripples of its' impact continue far and wide long after it has settled at the bottom... Stay the course. Though you may have to step out into darkness: take the step. Through the darkness is how you will find your light. Then you will see that your light is actually your self actualized.

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