I started writing as early as when I was in primary school. Too early?? I remember one time I wrote a Christian tract in primary 3 or 4. I'm not sure how that tract got into the hands of my teacher and She asked "Who wrote this?" One of my classmates pointed at me "Aunty, Its Ikedi" probably hoping I'll be punished or reprimanded but She encouraged me to my amazement and that of the whole class. Then I wrote for CYF (Christian Youth fellowship) in Secondary School. Not all write ups and cartoons were selected. But sometimes mine was picked. I wasn't as good as AIG and Shegz back then so I just preferred drawing cartoons. I could imagine stories (A gift I'm thankful to God for) One time in Ss3, Our English teacher told us to write about how we spent our Christmas, Mrs Ijeoma (May her soul rest in peace) I casually wrote that essay not paying much attention. The time frame was too small. I think it was 30 minutes and I came late to the class. The next week everyone got their script and I got an invitation to her office. Thinking She was going to scold me because She was Family and I had probably done a bad essay. I walked to her office She Asked me if I was the one who wrote the essay. I peeped to confirm that the handwriting was mine. Like I was trying my best to avoid her scolding... But then it was mine..πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I affirmed it was mine.. she replied "Hmm, Didn't know you write so well" Wow. That encouragement meant alot to me then In the Academy. I started writing poems but didn't want people to know i was the poet behind the poems. Like I doubted they were even that good. I remember one time someone was complimenting my poem beside me and I just kept quiet. I didn't even thank him or let him know I was the one who wrote them. So during this lockdown, everytimeI grab my pen and book, my mom teases me hehe. It's the little price to pay for being a story teller. You just have to pen down your imaginations, sometimes they won't let you sleep but it's alright. But a little encouragement can go along way to cheer someone or ignite the fire in them The Conclusion of this story is that. Never stop writing. I'm not the best writer. I've seen better writers.. you might be the next better writer but then you'll never know till you try.

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