The light behind darkness

My phone was charging, my favorite song was playing, I had a headset in my ear, and i was leaning against the wall. Suddenly someone came into the room it was my aunt she was talking to my mom on the phone. It was at this point that I heard the news that has darkened my life for almost 2 weeks. My uncle was diagnosed with coronavirus, my mother told that she could not go to the wedding in Samarkand for this reason and that my uncle's house was quarantined . My mom asked my aunt not to tell me this but i was listening to it all. Quarantine measures in the country were gradually eased, with 30 people allowed to have weddings only with relatives in green areas. My aunt's youngest son was getting married. My aunt helped us a lot in our difficult times. So my mother sent me to my aunt's house in Samarkand a week before the wedding to help them with their wedding worries. The day before the wedding, my mother told this news on the phone, and my aunt explained to me that I should not panic, that it would be clear after the re-examination. I tried to calm myself down, I laughed, and pretended not to take it seriously. Inside me, i consoled to myself our regional doctors were mistaken, they had sent another test to the capital, and virus would not be diagnosed there. So the next day came, I called my mother and told her I knew everything and asked how the situation was, she said the tests had been sent to the capital and they were waiting for a response. She told me to go home with my little aunt and not to tell anyone about it, and that if guests and relatives asked where was my mother, i had to say she could not come to the wedding because she was a little cold. The wedding was over, I didn't even notice what the wedding was like. Since the wedding was at home, I helped to clean up after it was over. The next morning my little aunt and I went home to Jizzakh. My aunt also lived in Jizzakh. And finally I came home, my parents weren't home, and then I found out they had gone to fetch food for my uncle's family. For some reason I wa nervous and had a severe headache. my parents came and said they still hadn't received the analysis answers. My father's temperature was high, but we didn't call an ambulance, because if we called, they would quarantine us and not let us out of the house. There was no one left to bring food to my uncle's house and to our house. And my father's mother was old. Last year my father lost his father. My grandmother was weak. She was very upset to hear that my uncle was infected with the virus. Doctors took a test from my uncle's family and thank God they did not detect the virus. But my grandmother was not well. 2 days passed, my father's fever did not go down, he took medicine, it didn't help. As my father's temperature rose and other symptoms began to appear, life became dark, and we prayed to God to heal my father as soon as possible. In the meantime, my mother also had a fever and began to feel the same symptoms as my father, but we still could not call an ambulance, we were waiting for my uncle's analytical answers. My dad's phone rang and finally the good news , my uncle didn't have the coronavirus. Unfortunately my uncle was not allowed, the virus was not detected but he had to be quarantined for 14 days. We were relieved but my father had symptoms of coronavius ​​we still couldn't call an ambulance we waited for my uncle to come out of quarantine. I also started to have a fever and a cough. I told myself that I had a coronavirus infection. I took medicine but it didnot help. The deadly virus that took the lives of thousands of people has reached our family as well. When my parents had such symptoms, I tried to convince myself that they were not coronavirus and asked God to cure them as soon as possible, but I also felt that these cases were repeated, and I really believed that it was coronavirus. Three days went and I could not get up, my kidneys were hurting and I was taking deep breaths. Symptoms were getting worse. The good news in the meantime was that my parents 'condition was improving. They explained my aggravated condition by the fact that I had a defect in my heart. We found out when we checked this three months ago. As my condition worsened, my parents had to call an ambulance. I was taken to the Infectious Diseases Hospital. When I went there, I was terrified that I would die, because I was still young, and suddenly the nurse said, "Let's take a test from you." I had to wait for the answer after taking the test from me, preferably with the arrival of new high-speed coronavirus detection equipment, so I had to wait half a day, but this time also seemed like a century. My family stayed at home and got tested from them too. The doctor was approaching me, and he was holding papers in his hand, and my heart was pounding. Trembling, I asked him if I had the virus. He laughed and said no, his words lit up my heart like the sun rising after darkness.

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