My life in quarantine.

I study at university which was located in Uzbekistan, namely Andijan. its name is Andijan State university Right now, I am at home which was located in Asia, Uzbekistan, now-a-days in the world we are in a fight of our lives against the coronavirus. It has affected many people including myself. I'm now at home every day and it really is affecting me socially. Not being able to speak to friends and see people I see on a regular basis is hard for me. Also, now that Universities all of the education centres are closed for the rest of the year it has really had an effect on my university life. I am not used to being at home all the time and working on the computer. I'm usually in a classroom surrounded by my peers. However, I am human so I will learn to adapt, but for now it is hard. It has affected me personally in the social and educational aspect, but I know around the city of Uzbekistan it's affecting others as well. In Tashkent which is one of the cities around the country hit hard by the virus, the pandemic has also affected the youth. Youth are now forced to stay home instead of going to school and spending time with friends. Most kids need to be outside and with people to release their energy and socialize. Now this cannot happen, because the virus has affected us so much. One thing we also see happening is food insecurities and social distancing. Due to what is happening in the world, people are very much afraid and cautious about food supply and interactions with people. People are afraid and are told to stay inside, so we stock up supplies that will last them about a month. Usually people get stuff that we will last them about two weeks, but now we need to stay home as much as we can. With social distancing, we now separate ourselves from other parts of society. This has made me feel very much disconnected from my friends. Humans are made to be out and about and socialize with beings on Earth. These unfortunate events have led many people to be disconnected from society. This has allowed my mind to go to the dark side, where my fears come out. My main fear is “How long will my life be on pause?” I'm afraid of how long I will be stuck in the house and can't see my friends.  We are not allowed to go outside and in Uzbekistan but we have online classes from my university. All materials are available on the online platform. Our professors gave us homework, which keep us busy most of the time. I stay in my room all day. We eat in our rooms, so we have plenty of time to study. In this situation the only things that help me are my smartphone and my laptop. I talk and communicate with my family and friends more than ever, I watch movies and of course I eat more compared to the past! Moreover, I am only with my family.keep writing my daily life in my diary. This will be an exceptional year for every student, and the first feelings that come to mind are frustration and tension, but I have to overcome them. I have arranged a schedule that suits me so that I can study at home, with the help of YouTube. Frankly, the teachers are competent and give us materials that are right, and the information is communicated in a smooth and simple way. Everything is available online, and everyone remains determined. I became responsible for my own learning, because there's no one really to advise me.  Everything is available online and we must be responsible for our learning to create something out of nothing.” I recommend my dears and friends to continue their studying in distance learning. First of all, Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a complex text and taking notes. Divide your work in to manageable time slots and take proper breaks. Second, The fact that you can put off watching recorded lectures until later can be dangerous. Make sure you devote your full attention to the recording – don't squeeze it in while eating or listening to music. Set a routine to use time efficiently. If you're tired or not feeling great don't just sit there – go tidy up, and when you're feeling more awake, apply yourself then. That was it, of course, we will overcome these difficulties as soon. Farokhiddin Goyiberdiyev Uzbekistan, Andijan.


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