It was a marvelous morning where I was told that my request for visiting Boston was approved by the team of the federal ministry of horizon that I was selected for a trip to Boston to deliver a speech on organizational managerial arrangements. It was 07:10am that Mr. Brown told me they said sweet information. For the above preparation, I'm the very first person to write the need for participation in the major world developmental programs, particularly in the current sustainable development goals that is the last development and an attempt focus of the high impact programs of millennium development goals (MDGs). In expression of interest, my writing centered on tourism and the ministry approved my point of view. A very fantastic Saturday, the 7th day of September 2019, a nice, cool, clear and fine day, we have landed at Boston state special airport by 09:30am. Without delay a team of securities, medical doctors and national delegates received us and led us to the guest station of the airport. Within an hour, all checkup arrangements was completed for us, the teams for the program led our movement to the standard hotel where the program is expected to be delivered on Monday that is in two days time. The dream was real, the way and manner I was dreaming is in order to the way found Boston the hotel itself is a mini paradise here on Earth, all the way and manner your explanation about it is just a joke, a reality for this is left to any one sees him/her self inside. For these two days, the way we looked changed from Nigerians to America in all perspective, the change in food, living environment, good air and atmosphere and resting amount said set of words. It was Monday the 9th day of September 2019 where I found myself in a peace wealth parlour, an apartment where the program is going to take place. I was told to join the special guest side, where those invited from abroad to deliver their speech for the programme are kept. That was though my presentation was in day three that is in the tail end of the closure of the program. Day one was an introduction and registration day, where each presenter was registered and introduced to the other members. Then, on day two, we were asked to go for a visit to the Government house and Court as part of the tour in the program. Day three was an interesting day because; it's the day that presentation began. In my turn, I deeply went into the world of an organization and I therefore did my best to restore the dignity of my fatherland, Nigeria. My paper was on organizational managerial arrangements. The way and manner I presented my message reached a clear understanding zenith and went above all other presentations in content, message, theme, language and alots other to go with it to their various countries for cascading on to others to learn how to organize themselves for self and selfless services among others. Here is the summary of the content of my paper. An organization is the coming together of people for a the attainment of a common goal in their attempt to make the world a better place for everyone. It is just in a term form and there must be leaders and values. As a term, therefore there is an expectation of progress and this never become possible unless there is a leadership and follower-ship, unity and focus of the forgetting goals in mind for the said facts, therefore, a term is meant as together every and achieve more term in the exception of need for developing other any coming together of people stand in vain rubbish meaningless. I can conclude all with the knowledge, experience, and talent I obtained in my unknown knowledge and place, where I was exposed to the beauty of world tourism.


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