My ordeal with the evil witch

*my ordeal with the evil witch* It was a cool Saturday evening, I had gone to watch a football match which ended at around 11 p.m, so I decided to trek down home since I had no money left on me. On my way home I followed a scary bush path that was supposed to make my journey Short. While walking through the scary bush path, I started hearing eyrie sounds of vultures and bats which made me to increase my pace and eventually I found myself running. The sounds came with a gusty wind and a spooky scent which made me to wonder where the scent was coming from. Then I stopped running just to observe if someone was following me. As I stopped, my body trembled in fear, my sight grew dim, and my head heavy. Then I turned abruptly to see What could be lurking, but to my greatest dismay, I saw no one. However, I could still perceive the scent even more which convinced me that someone was definitely following me and this had worsened my fears so much. Nevertheless, I summoned up courage and continued my journey home. This breeze came again this time with a sudden downpour, mystic lighting and rumbling thunderstorms coupled with horrible sounds from different angles which was characterised by the peels of an old mission bell depicting signals of occult gathering. Suddenly I saw a lady with a horrifying figure typically of a long dark hair and enshrouded with a thick long black garment walked past me swiftly, and all of a sudden my heart started beating fast, and my head seemed to have increased so much that my body couldn't carry it. At this point, I couldn't help myself,but to my surprise, the lady disappeared. There and then I realised I had unconsciouly wet my pants , an evidence of unimaginable horror. And I knew for sure that it was the end of the road for me. With uttermost trepidations, I sped off taking another direction which I never knew would lead me to an ancient cemetery with past history of poltergeist haunts. Unconsciouly, I was moving closer to my death! The devil was calling unto me and unknowingly, I was running to him for rescue . As I ran and shouted for help along the road leading to the cemetery, all I could hear was sadistic deep chested laughters and reverberating voices and consequently, I had increased my speed. Unknowing to me, I saw the first grave epithaphed with gothic inscriptions. And to my consternation, I saw another grave,the second one having the greater part of its surface cracked as if someone had just been resurrected from the grave. I was bewildered and then I knew that I have paid the fallen angel a visit in his own abode. Immediately I stopped and saw a creature wearing a white cloth with gray hairs all over her head. Her face was so wrinkled that her eyeballs looked hidden under the wrinkled crony face. Unbelievably, I was standing face to face with a ghost!. I was so scared to death that I had to run; but the farther I ran, the closer she came. I was so confused on what to do that I forgot God, I forgot to pray! My body vibrated spasmodically like one who had stepped onto a life wire ,my clothe was drained with cold sweat even though I shivered convulsively. Having resolved to abandon myself to my faith, I gave up since my doom seemed ineluctable. Immediately I heard her voice saying" welcome my son, don't be afraid because tonight you have made the right choice. Come and I will take you to your rightful place.Tonight is your night! Very few have been given this opportunity, come and I will expose you the mysteries of the world herein and beyond!. At this point, I was freaked out to death. I called upon death to come and take me before her red scrawny fingers grip me . Suddenly nothing was working out for me again and before I knew it, she pinned me down and then, I resolved to make one last choice, I decided to face the devil no matter my fears. I turned to look straight into her eyes but all I could see was fire characterised by a burning desire to ravage and destroy. She charged aggressively with a sharp canine in her mouth, a mouth full of blood. Her hands and legs were so terrible that I nearly puked. The devil abducted me and kept me starved for five days. On the fifth day, I saw her coming towards me with an axe, I was paralyzed because I knew at this moment that I was going to die. When she was close enough to me, she raised the axe above my head and immediately, I jerked up from my slumber to find out that I was in an hospital and that I had been in coma for two weeks Just then, I wondered why I had to see they devil while I was still alive. Story by cheif host

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