Let Go

Let Go Let go of the virtual reality that holds no truth within it. Let go of the wrongs with nothing right embedded in them. Let go of the darker past that is holding your present and future back. Let go of the situation that's restricting you from being free. Let go of the efforts you invest on people who don't know giving back. Let go of the rights that make you feel wrong. Let go of the emotions that only make you feel weaker. Let go of the partner that doesn't hold patience for you. Let go of the movie that doesn't inspire you. Let go of the rush that slows down your growth. Let go of the falling that doesn't raise you up the next. Let go of the rules that don't justify you. Let go of the superstition that doesn't benefit you. Let go of the circle that bounds your happiness. Just let go of everything that doesn't help you Because it isn't the people or the things that hurt you, it is the feeling of not letting go that hurts. But don't allow the time to just let go as it doesn't come back for you. Make efforts and work on your plans until the time is in your favor.

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