"The world has survived different kinds of crises. People have seen world wars and economic depression, but the human spirit has endured and survived." - Swati Rustagi "When it hit, it hit hard and brought everyday life to a standstill. We entered a worldwide lockdown; β€˜the new normal." In one way or the other lockdown brings the "Time" for everyone, Which earlier people didn't get for a second. I know people are suffering from this virus and recession too, there is no money in the market, Everybody is suffering from this situation. And at this moment being happy and saying "yeah" Coronavirus brings Happiness or say Time for me is not a good idea. But Still, everything has its positive and negative effects. This virus too has it both effects β€’Positive can be it brings the time for the family to spend together, where on one hand, when people don't have a second to spend it with family were being lockdown and spending the entire day with there family. β€’Negative of course a disease spreads from being in contact with other people and recession. On a positive note, the pandemic has also taught us self-sustenance; from cooking meals at home no junk food for about 5 months, and after that also and undertaking home improvements. We are a family of four adults, and because of lockdown, we all had been home together at a stretch for the first time. Initially, when the lockdown was announced, It seemed like a task, but with the materialistic things been shut and you have to be at home for a time being the stress levels have gone down. One lesson that I have taken away from this situation is that as a race, humans have to be more respectful towards the other creatures inhabiting the planet and show more respect towards each other. In a situation like this, all the money in the world is of no use; what counts is the love and compassion towards each other and learning how to co-exist.

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