These days will pass too...

Everyone now wants to return to life in their homeland and go to work and study as soon as possible. It is well known that there are no states, cities or villages left in the whole world where Covid-19 has not entered. It remains a mystery to us when and how the virus, which has spread around the world, will disappear. Scientists around the world have conducted various experiments in laboratories, but have not found a vaccine or drug against the virus.Covid-19 was first launched in Wuhan, China and than quickly spread all over the world. Quarantine has been declared in many countries. I am a citizen of Uzbekistan. Quarantine rules has been introduced in Uzbekistan, as well as in other countries around the world. Due to quarantine, there have been crises in many areas of the world and in our country, and the number of unemployed has increased. Thousands, millions of ancient cities, tourist attractions, hotels and streets were deserted. But the cruel virus was spreading in the streets without these people. The number of people infected and killed by the virus in the world has exceeded thousands. It is known that Covid-19 is transmitted from person to person. Hospitals are overcrowded with patients and cemeteries are overcrowded dies the large number of people who do not comply with quarantine. And this Covid-19, which covers the world, is still spreading. I think it would not be a mistake to say that 2020 is the year of Covid-19. This is a terrible biological war in the world wars. The heroes of the day are doctors and soldiers who work hard in this war and risk their lives. Due to quarantine, my respect for the owners of this profession has increased. Because while we were at home, doctors risked their lives in hospitals to treat patients, and our soldiers are still on the border, on the streets, serving us, for the Motherland. They are patiently serving our country, away from family members and children. Just as the war did not end in casualties, so did doctors, infected with the virus and wounded soldiers. Well, who do you think is suffering the most in this war. The state? Or patients who inadvertently become infected with the virus. You mean the state? No, mistake, states can release all industries after a certain period of quarantine. But what about patients? Thousands of people died because of Covid- 19. Scientists estimate that the symptoms of the disease will remain in the bodies of those who recover, but will end in death. Therefore, dear compatriots, do not go out unnecessarily, follow the rules of quarantine and hygiene. Take care of your own health. As I said, I am from the Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan. I am a student of Jizzakh state Pedagogical Institute. Institutes, universities and schools were closed after the quarantine was declared in our country. My family and I stayed at home. Because of quarantine, many parents spent time with their children. We also spent a lot of time with our family. But all over the world, as in other families, we have experienced a financial crisis for some time. I want to write to you about the difficult days we went through in quarantine. Due to quarantine, my father was unemployed for some time. My mother is nurse. Our income was my mother's salary, me and my brother's scholarship. Only my mother worked, went out. Roads were closed due to quarantine, and when the traffic stopped my mother walked home from work. Sometimes she was very tired. We bought only what we needed for a living. Thankfully, those days passed, the quarantine, was a little easier, and my dad started working. Gradually everything returned to normal. I also completed my distance learning classes with excellent grades. Now I sew, read books and bake sweets in my free time. I really want to win this essay competition because I will be a great help to our family during the quarantine period. I thank Alloh, who created me every morning, for waking me up healthy. But Covid-19 is still spreading rapidly. The quarantine is not over, it si unknown when it will end. The only thing we are asked of people is to follow the rules of quarantine and hygiene, wear masks and gloves and not go out unnecessarily. Take care of your own health.


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