Accept a challenge. Adapt. Be persistent.

In the beginning, and that was in February, Jaloliddin thought that this virus was not a threat to him, that he was “special”, like most of those around him. He lived an ordinary life: preparing for his exams, playing football with friends, and suddenly, in mid-March, the first case in Uzbekistan and the next day, quarantine was announced. It may seem immoral, but when the quarantine was announced, he was delighted, since next week he had an exam for which he was not ready. On the same day, he removed the chemistry and biology textbooks from the table and put the computer on the table and opened his favorite game, Counter strike, and it all began - he had not been getting up from the chair for hours, days, weeks and thought that he had a lot of time to have fun, as it is commonly said, "Who cares what?". The first month passed, the second month ... and gradually, he developed the habit of "waking up from sleep and living for the sake of video games." While playing new games on his gaming computer, he was amazed and enjoyed the graphics, but at the same time, something inside was disturbing him. After some time, he began not to be content with his people around him and became very aggressive: he started quarrels for no reason, criticized harshly his younger brother because of that he could not just lift a 10-liter bottle of water. But in an instant, he felt that something was going wrong. He reflected on his actions and realized that he had never been so rude to his brother, mother, close relatives. Finally, he asked himself a rhetorical question: “Is it all because of the quarantine?! Have I become so rude, uncivil because I'm just in quarantine ?! ” and came to the conclusion that something needs to be changed: “I adapt to life in quarantine and use it for the benefit of self-development, and I will do it regularly, without stopping at all costs!”. Surprisingly, from the next day, and this was in early June, he began to get up early in the morning, wake up his brothers and do morning exercises together in a huge hall. And after breakfast, he got used to teach his younger brother online lessons in mathematics and Russian on his gaming computer, from which loved games like Counter strike, Generals, could hardly be found after yesterday's “sweep”. During the day, he was used to read his favorite literature: “Do No Harm,” “When Breath Becomes Air,” the last of which was written by neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi, who had already been writing such a heart touching book on his way to heaven due to lung cancer. In addition, Jalol was engaged in household chores (cooking, mending a broken socket, discovering new abilities in himself), communicating closer with his family and only in the evening was doing lessons from his favorite subjects: chemistry and biology. After each day, he got used to feel positive changes in the mood and atmosphere at home, but the main thing was calm in his soul, as he believed that he was not wasting time. It is worthy to pay attention that he realized quarantine was a part of new life which had not been discovered yet and the life for which we should adapt. Furthermore, quarantine is not so bad when you know what to do. All I wanted to say:” Accept a challenge, adapt to the situation and be persistent till the end without paying attention to the worthlessness video-games”. There are problems, challenges in life, not because you are Jaloliddin or Calvin, or simply because life is “offended” by you and wants to harm you by saying you are worthy of it and forcing you to say: “I'm tired of living! I'm tired of you!”. I used to think in exactly this way, but quarantine helped me to understand myself and I realized that there are problems and challenges to improve us - humanity, so that to make tomorrow better than yesterday. Therefore, quarantine is a great incentive to overcome the challenges and to say “I accept a challenge! I am able to adapt to the situation and will not give up until I succeed!” And of course, quarantine is the best way to get to know your family members even better and support each other during such difficult times. Take care of yourself and your family.


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