Did you ever saw a flower who made her way between rocks? I'm sure you did .This view will tell you that you can made it just don't give up or even think of stopping.I know life wasn't that easier for most of people, those people who been tested by love ,fake friends, lost the most important things like their dreams ,I'm glad you are still here in this world I'm glad that your smile could made someone's day even if inside you there's a big bad war .I'm glad you are still hoping for things to become good I'm sure it will . Did you ever cry all night and feel that your heart want to go out? it's a bad feeling .I'm sure that this life didn't treat you well and make you think about giving up but you didn't because you are strong than this life you feel that something big will show up soon or later .Whenever you think of giving up remember the first thing that make you rise after your first fall .Because you deserve better .This world is full of bad people ,of negative energy ,of lies ,of fake relationships ,of broken hearts and lost dreams ,so please don't give up maybe you are more than that maybe you can make a change to this mad world,we all learned by the hard way.I noticed some people live in a good way like they didn't suffer but it's fine .You know the meaning of suffering is learning with tears all alone no one by your side .I've learned like this but day after day I become strong I know that nothing can break me now because I can give up in everything that make me sad or suffer . I won't accept anyone underestimating my pain I'm proud of my failure and my mistakes because they made me who I am now ,but I'm trying to learn from them that's it .I'm proud of my self so much and I won't give up .Promise your self that and keep trying harder. Some people can't share their pain or problems they keep them for their self ,those people live alone and they start loving their loneliness ,it's became like their family. Actually I'm not afraid of living alone without friend or some one I love, my family is the most precious thing .I realize that I couldn't look to others eyes because I'm so tired of seeing fake emotions and lies inside their eyes . We build a small house inside us and we live there alone until we die ,we escape from reality to our lovely house there where everything is fine . Hope everyone could sleep at night and have good dreams .


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