The unforgettable story.

A war has begun and the enemy was invisible . Countries closed their borders, the streets became empty, the life stopped ,everyone was afraid. After millions year the humanity never faced a dangerous enemy, right now that enemy is a virus. Covid-19 did appear in Wuhan, China back to 2019 , and everyone deny the reason. It keeps spreading all over the world, millions of people have died and more still suffering. Due to this most of countries started an emergency system like quarantine . My country (MOROCCO)reacted decisively to treat the situation the first step was to stop studies on march ,16 and declared a state of emergency , after 4 days quarantine has started , people left their home only for the necessity of cruelty . My family was afraid also others , the love of life kept people in their houses . The number of cases now is not that big ,thanks to the Moroccan authorities the death reached 292 (July ,23). Crises started and all sectors were affected , economics , tourism and others but the biggest aggrieved was the poor person who doesn't have the ability to exceed the damage even with the aid from the state . However , this can be resolved after the virus disappearance . But will people live in safety after this ? The main character in this story , the heroes are the doctors, we can call them angels, they worked night and day to help the patients , some of them left their home for months without seeing their family or kids , it was hard for them seeing people died without having the ability to help , like what happened in Italy ,a huge number of death by day give the impression that the human race will disappear by the end of the year , but the last few months hope is back , people in some countries are back to their normal life they are trying to survive with the virus . We can't deny the fact that the virus still present and still took millions of people life but those days will pass and we will comeback to our normal life , without fear . This virus helped the earth to get rest from pollution . For me , I could never imagine being in this situation , covid-19 thought me to recognize the gifts that I have like going out ,shaking hands and hugging others , breath fresh air without fear but I'm sure everything will comeback as it was . During the quarantine my family did have the ability to spend more time together , we helped my mom in the house work , my father was the only one who go out , my brother and I continued our distance education , it was really interesting thing .And I became a good cooker. After quarantine lift in some countries , some people didn't respect the state instructions like they don't wear masks anymore or don't leave distance between them and that is so dangerous. I hope that everyone is safe in their home and follow the health conditions to prevent infection with this virus . Let's pray for the world .🙏🙏


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