Love is ......

People, without realizing it, give us lessons that we can either deny accusing or accept and thereby expand the boundaries of our consciousness and capabilities. And I think I got my main lesson. Love cannot be painful and bitter with a corrosive sense of guilt. Can't be an anchor falling to the bottom with a string of drowning expectations. When you love a person, you cannot wish him grief, falling asleep you cannot imagine how he burns to ashes alive. When you love, you are not playing: beautiful love and an ideal woman. And you sincerely wish only good, letting go of your beloved hand. Love is gratitude and absolute acceptance. Love is when you love a person's strength, his subtle humor, sensitivity and lively heart, as much as his doubts, inattention, irrational fear of the inevitable end. When his successes are equal in importance to defeats. When you love, you owe nothing to anyone. Love is not an oath or ink in a passport. Love is a seal in the heart. And from now on there is only one love for me - unconditional. And I know the main secret: it does not appear with the arrival of a person into your life, but with its own ability to love so honestly, boldly and selflessly ... and what do you think about LOVE ?

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