Randomly dancing through my workout playlist suddenly I hear a call it was my mom she was calling from the bathroom to help her carry her bucket of bathing water so I had to pause my me party to respond to her call. Dancing alone in my room is something I enjoy a lot but didn't have chance to do it much before of the global pandemic deceleration because of other activities like going for one of my part-time jobs delivering packages and school lectures, but I could even do it all day now if I wanted to because staying at home has recently become a way of life temporarily. While others find it difficult and frustrating coping with the new global situation I'm actually loving this temporal halt on usual life activities. This total lock down thing is pretty awesome really; no noisy neighborhood kids playing outside, no family reunion, no trying to come up with an excuse to be absent in a social gathering, most people where working from home so the roads weren't busy at all and just when you think it just can't get better, we all had to communicate through the use of modern technology talk about video calls, voice call, online conferences, no more stressful drive through noisy crocked roads or having to wait for long uncomfortable hours in traffic. So after helping my mom in carrying her bucket water I hurried back to continue surfing the net reading articles on blogs and news sites, watching videos online and all I see everywhere online is update on the current pandemic. Schools weren't open so I didn't really do much in a day basically all I did was domestic chores and internet browsing, I don't really come out much anyway so besides my bestie most of my friends are from my university and they live in entirely different states. When I'm not reading news feeds or social media post I'm playing online games with my friends when while checking for updates on school resumption also secretly wishing we don't resume yet. We'd play for some hours then stop to resume our respective individual home activities. This is the time I'd go whip up something to eat. Thankfully, we didn't lack food during this pandemic period although it was difficult getting food during the lock down because we have to wait for the authorized time for movement for essentials going out prior to the permitted time attracts penalty irrespective of emergencies but we always have food, while eating dinner together we share our different daily ventures, the elderly would always chat about the different stories they read on whatsapp which of course they'd forward to us as well as the various WHO and other COVID-19 precautionary videos as well as videos of various natural preparations for COVID-19 prevention and immune boosting which includes drinking a cup of garlic and ginger mixture boiled in water every morning, and a glass of warm water and honey daily which we would further research on before embarking on a natural immune boosting fluids daily routine. While the younger generation would share the latest face mask fashion trends, tiktok and other online challenges such as the hand wash challenges, as well as writing challenges like this one, the latest global pandemic updates, information on countries economy like Italy and Spain that are stupendously affected by the current situation. Fascinating how such minute organisms could cause a global crisis. After, I'd do the dishes and we would all sit down in the living room and watch television after which it was bed time, while charging our various gadgets for more browsing the next day. I woke up the next morning with the sun shining so bright you'd think it would never rain. I say my daily prayers, make my bed and cheerfully stride to do my usual morning chores. Normally after the daily chores, workout routine and anti corona routine therapy I'd have my bath then go to commence Internet surfing or defeat my friends in a game of "Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville" while eating breakfast but this time I picked my moms phone up cause it was the the nearest device I could use to tell time, You wouldn't believe what message I had seen on the screen it was from my best friend. Well sometimes I'd help my mom and other older people in the family get around whatsapp and other applications in "modern technology" as they called it. The shocking massage read and I quote "Good morning ma, my mom is gone" as I read this I repeatedly went back and forth to make sure she was indeed the one who sent the message, "Gone?, how?" I asked myself, my mom noticed my sudden cringed look because we were just chit chatting some minutes ago before I read the message, "what's wrong?" she asked and I showed her the message she was as shook as I was so we decided to call my bestie to know how she's doing I ran to my room to get my phone and that's when I saw her message, she had also sent me a message of the shocking news then it started to rain.

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