The mind

Mind is not erudition, not the ability to get into any conversation, on the contrary, or, as one prime minister said, by no means! Intelligence does not mean being able to keep up a conversation with scientists. If you are smart, you will understand that you do not understand anything. The mind often speaks in silence. The mind senses flaws or unpleasant moments for the interlocutor and bypasses them. The mind foresees the answer and will remain silent if it does not want to hear it. And, in general, the mind will offer something. Stupidity does not offer. Stupidity does not ask. Stupidity explains. In general, smart is better. With him you are free and lazy. With a fool you are busy all the time. You work in the sweat of your brow. He objects to you and objects ... For he is sure! And from these senseless objections you lose the strength, endurance and intelligence that you were so proud of. You cannot agree with a fool about anything. And you feel what a bad character you have. So rest smart! Relax with him, dear! beg you!


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