Light in the shadow\u2728

time flies. I open my eyes, I am lying on the bed and my hands are hanging from the bed. I start stretching my body. From the tips of my toes to the part of my head, I am tired. Fatigue has taken over my being. I lie on the bed for hours listening to the sounds around me. From the news of the corona outbreak to the bad and worse news of my country. I get up and walk in a house that I do not know how long I will have to endure its narrow and expensive walls. As time goes on, the family sits in front of the TV and watches the news. time flies. The news continues. Also, the number of cases and deaths that are repeated and repeated is increasing, and many experts are constantly informing and re-informing the latest ways of prevention. time flies. I go back to my room and go out again, I walk all over the house. Now I have checked all the corners of the house correctly and accurately. It has been days and months and I repeat this every day. This cruel time no longer pays attention to me. The damn news that no longer repeats not only my country but also the news of the world's stagnation, and again Iran and again the disappointing news that has kept me away from my dreams and aspirations for years. Maybe he has forgotten what I wanted and what is waiting for me. Browsing the negative news from the destruction of my country's nature and the sale of soil to the price of day to day and hour to hour and moment to moment and the death of time and dreams to review the blood shed so that I can take a deep breath in the smoky air of the sad city. I forgot. To the extent that it affects not only my future but also my initial desires. All this Bad news is again on me and my wishes that I no longer expect to be fulfilled. From lying to stealing from the corruption and hypocrisy of my country to the honesty and loyalty of me and my generation who no longer wants to be like his parents, my generation wants life, not just life. But the world is at war with its life. And how resilient is my name and my generation that has survived so far. I have gone through all the horrors and tortures mentally and physically and not to say no to life, not to say to my choice, so this time I am standing in a place where the world is silent against my grief and generation. Yes, this was my voice, yes, this was my cry. That the world and the universe were silent in his respect. It was my being that the world shared in its grief. It was my inner dead that awakened the living conscience of nature once again to be a handful in the mouth of all injustice and discrimination and the border to flip to hear the voices buried to Be a song with respect to all the songs that have been discussed. Yes, it was the silence of my being that surprised the world with all its patience in the face of the wrath of the times. But you, O I forgotten years ago, find again the hope that runs the universe. Believe that your existence will find a way to all these troubles. Know that you change what does not allow you to change. So stop the time that passes because you are time itself. This time I will return to my room but l will not go out until I find myself.


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