My life during Covid-19

Today's is a new day! Wait wait wait are you sure because it's look and feel like the same day. Let me introduce myself my name is Devansh I am from India I just completed my 12th and I scored 94% in English subject which is a big deal for me, and now I am looking for college's. Life in this hard time is not easy, it's been more than 3 months and now it's feel like I am in jail, there is no excitement in my life now I am bored by doing all the things, i watched all the TV shows of my interest and now in TV you can watch only 10-15 years old TV shows and they all sucks. In march when I am preparing for my board exam suddenly I starts thinking what I will do after my exams like play all day with friend, eat whatever I want, basically I will become king in my own world but in reality I am just locked in my house and I am not allowed to go out and even if I go out what will happen because all the malls parks are locked no one is allowed to go outside the house. I even feel that my brain stop thinking because without work your life just stop working and specially when you are not allowed to go anywhere then it's feels like you are living the same day all the the time, it's kind of become a game simulation. Now I just wake up whenever I want then eat then sleep, and it's horrible. All the people want to stay home when they are working or student but now when you have to just sit in your house all day without any work and feels like you are in prison. I hope all the things will go back to normal. Well, now I know what to do I love writing so I will write about my life and do some writing work for others people's and also participate in writing competition because I love it, I love writing.

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