Am I Alright ?

I feel like my throat is closing in, it gets hard for me to breathe, all i can think about is sitting in a dark room, isolating myself from the world, keeping no contact with people, living with my own thoughts and just crying till my eyes go dry. Is there a reason that I start hyperventilating, I feel shortness of breath, my head starts spinning, my body goes weak, my appetite is lost, my will to get out bed is destroyed ? I don't know! Sometimes these waves of emotions get triggered by something, and other times, it comes to visit like an uninvited, unwanted guest. What do I do to keep myself from failing life? I go up to my roof, feel the light breeze, look at the night lights, the sky full of stars, the lights from houses lighting up the whole area, the people outside looking so tiny from above and suddenly the word doesn't feel dark anymore, the problems and people don't feel so big anymore and I think to myself maybe living a little more would make me learn to look forward to the good things. “It will all pass, it will all go away” I keep telling myself this everyday. Maybe I don't have it as bad as others but that doesn't mean I'm not suffering. So I don't have to keep it to myself, I can share. Share with a friend, share with family, share with a stranger! It doesn't matter, but share and let the burden be lifted from yourself.

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