Is it me who's gotten more fragile or it it the world getting more and more insensitive with every passing day. Wherever I look, wherever I pause, there's someone lurking, looking for even the slightest things to call you out on. They act all high and mighty, they act all caring, but their hearts are black, their souls are dark, they don't care about anything or anyone but themselves. They present themselves as the friends, they portray themselves as the well-wishers, but how can they wish you well, when the second you leave their sight, they run to another, letting them know about the new gossip they found, they observe you, make false assumptions, make up lies, all they want to do is climb the social ladder, it doesn't matter to them that you're being pushed down in the process and being used as a step. The only survival in this world is to not let others push you down, people talk and they talk utter nonsense, it's up to you to not get affected by it at march forward.

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