24, more than just an age

24, more than just an age A freshly prepared coffee, served to your table is what you might think 24 is like but you need to add milk, sugar and caffeine all in right proportion and serve it by yourself, just like the balance between career, relationship and your job. Your relationship is just like the sugar; sweet but if added extra, its sweetness will ruin the flavour of coffee like your career. Your career is just like the caffeine, bitter in taste like the bitterness of your life but still you can't get over of it like you can't get over of getting a better career. Your job is just like the milk, you get influenced by its fairness. Too fair at the beginning but as it gets tanned with the addition of caffeine in it, you'll feel it ugly. And you are just like a mug holding coffee in it, some fancy and some plain. If a mug breaks accidentally, everything that it held will spill over and leave a stain. A coffee stain won't go off easily like you won't be able to forget your broken past. You will now buy a new mug from a store but lately, you'll realize that the taste of a coffee in a mug you made is more tastier than a coffee in theirs. And finally at the end, the quality of a mug feels more important than its appearance.


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