Who We Are

Why is the first thing that someone says is, “What do you do?” In a profession alot of times this is a great conversation starter, but I have felt awkward when I have been asked this. Immediately my mind is trying to find the best answer. This bothers me. I feel like what I do for a living does not define who I am as a person or measure my success. The world that we live in has created an image to others that success is hugely career based. I strongly disagree with this. Success is not measured by what we do for a living and it looks different for everyone. My definition of success is loving myself, having a good heart, and loving others. It's my willingness to learn and positive attitude. It's the way I treat others and my family. It's surviving another day as a mom and loving every second-even the ugly ones. It's not about my career at all. Your success will look much different than mine but we should all be happy in knowing that we all have what it takes to be successful. It's funny because when I do make a new acquaintance, I want to hear about them and their story, not what they do. It takes that assesment of others and how we compare ourselves to them out of the picture completely and allows me to enjoy our conversation more. Be mindful of how you measure success, especially your own.


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