Invisible war between life and death

Nowadays the world population is in a fight for their lives against coronavirus . The current situation of the world has changed considerably because of Covid-19 which affected many people's life including me. In the given essay, I am going to highlight about how coronavirus changed my lifestyle. When the Covid-19 epidemic started in my country, I had to leave my house in order to purchase some supplies and groceries as my husband was working at that time. The nearby supermarket was full with desperate people in need of food and other daily supplies. I was not expecting people to be in such a panic that made me more troubled about near future. As I stood in a line, I silently watched people wearing black and blue face masks and latex gloves in order to protect themselves from the virus. They were too silent to say a word being afraid of catching the virus. When the quarantine was announced , it was last days of my pregnancy. I had been informed by a local nurse to go to hospital by ambulance, not by private car. Moreover, i was warned about being alone while giving birth. I was so troubled cause I never experienced childbirth before. Even though I did not want it, I had to follow quarantine rules as a responsible citizen. When I went for giving birth to hospital, doctors did not allow me to turn my face mask off though I needed more fresh air in labor pains. However I suffered a lot, I was happy to know my baby and I were still healthy when we returned home from hospital. Many family traditions have changed as a consequence of Covid -19 in my family too. Mostly people begin to work online sitting at home during the quarantine but my husband still goes to work every day. He is a customer officer so he has to work even at that dangerous time. I know he deals with international drivers who can spread the virus and I was in a fair cause he can come home in contact with infectious person. When my husband gets off work, he takes a shower as soon as possible and washes his clothes with hot water in order to kill germs being afraid to catch and spread coronavirus to our family. These days he is isolating himself from us eating in the kitchen and sleeping in an another room. Even though he really wants to hug our kid and play with him , he has to keep distance not touching. Though we are so close by heart, we are so separated from each other because of current quandary. I respect my husband so much cause he still feels enough responsibily for his job and keeps his commitment at this challenging period. I hope it will end soon and our family will be together again. First, it was quite difficult to adapt not being able to go out and to meet my friends and relatives. I was not using staying at home all the time and working online. Additionally, I had to pass graduation exams sitting at computer. I was so disappointed with ongoing pandemic and complained about being bored to my friends by social networks. After some days, I understood the quarantine was a good chance for personal development and growth. So I downloaded some motivational and inspiring books to read that widened my outlook and worldview noticably. At the same time, I created my own page on Facebook called " Feel beauty" in order to insist people on living in a peaceful world and making the world a better place to live at that troublesome time. Until now I am preparing special posts with suitable photos every day and sharing my own stories to the subscribers. Besides, I became more caring for my family because of condition . Nowadays I prepare for them healthy food including many vegetables especially rich in Vitamin C. I demand them to follow quarantine rules such as wearing face mask and latex gloves and keeping distance from other people. It is Uzbek tradition to greet with shaking hands among men and hugging each other among women. I warn my father who goes for shopping every three days. To conclude, I firmly believe coronavirus opened both my eyes and heart bigger and it changed not only my life, but also my mind.Thanks to coronavirus! Because of it, I realized how our life was beautiful and valuable. I love and appreciate the life more now that makes me feel every tiny beauty. I can see miracles of life. Every day I look outside through windows . I only see empty streets without people but ambulance every time . I cry inside imagining about invisible war between life and death. I miss my parents and siblings so much that I cannot describe my painful feelings with words. Now I understand the most important things in the world: they are health and security not items or property...

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