When adversity knocks, knock it out!

Life is a wonderful journey for those who are ready to see it unfold and are prepared to receive the surprises and shocks that might be thrown towards them. For some people, life is an uninspiring labour because what they expected and what life gifted them were two different poles. Things on which we are having control seem to be easier than those on which we don't have any control. Obviously. Such uncontrollable circumstances take the name of problems. Every problem has its own solution. It is just like how every lock is made with a key. Once a person is born on this earth, no matter how hard he/she tries, can never escape the clutches of this life until the time to leave the world comes. So basically, there is no point in sitting and moaning about things happening around us. If we have the rights to cherish the good moments of life, likewise we are also having the responsibility to battle against the sad moments of life. β€œEvery problem has its own solution; you just need to find it.β€πŸ˜Š Only then will your mind open up to search for solutions. Our mind is one of those wonderful creations of God fixed in a human body that can solve all the strange mysteries of this beautiful planet. We need to use it well and believe in our efforts which shall further go on to solve the problem. There are a lot of people out there who create problems. There are a lot out there who just complain about problems. There are plenty of those who only see the problems and run away from them accepting defeat. None of these three categories of people take any action to solve anything. I simply believe that when adversity knocks.... one needs to simply knock it out. Something very unique happened this year. We were struck in a mysterious dilemma this Ramadan (the month in which Muslims from all over the world observe one month of fasting) 2020. It is always such a spiritually encapsulating experience, that for those thirty days we believe we can be better people and we do our best to become them.😌 However, this year, ever since the government-mandated lockdown was imposed all over the world and in India on account of the corona virus pandemic, people had been advised to stay indoors, and this has had quite an effect on the spiritual and social aspect of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims go out for Iftar (post-fast meal congregation), Suhoor (pre-fast meal congregation), go to the mosque for prayers, and to the markets for shopping, buying food and plenty more with our friends and families. Ramadan has indeed been a bit glum this year. It was for the first time in many years, that the streets were desolate, and it definitely dampened our spirits to a little extent. But since, every problem has its own solution so we needed to find something positive out of it, so this Ramadan the lack of distractions helped us focus wholly on improving ourselves spiritually. The grim situation in the world made us a lot more grateful for everything we have. It brought us closer to the Almighty and everyone has finally started to care for lesser fortunate people. Corona virus is a proof that the tables can turn at any point and it is very important to be kind. Ramadan this year felt way more special, we were actually doing what we are meant to. Offering more prayers than usual and remembering God more often. I also believe that people secretly liked the solitude and loneliness this Ramadan. The pandemic did have an effect on the celebrations, but it was good in a way because there has been less waste and no hectic shopping. It is true that Eid was low spirit wise. Because that is the one day when everyone lets loose, from sales, shopping, gathering, dinners, all of it. People use to meet relatives and friends and the festivities continue for a lot more days. But during the times of pandemic, with all of us stuck indoors, unable to go to the mosques for community prayers, unlike in the past, we made it a private and a closed-door affair in order to combat Covid-19. And everyone prayed for the situation to turn normal. Almost all the festivals were celebrated in a similar way, with less pomp and show and greater connection with God. Our country has a lot of festivals, and we as Indians compromised and that too, willingly for our well being. What we need to remember is that this quarantine is not going to last forever. Right now it is important for us to stay inside and do our part for our benefit as well as of the world's. We need to extract the positive aspect from this scenario. So overall, this quarantine is not less than any 'Blessing In Disguise' for all of us. In fact my first ever book 'Born & Raised On A Go' is a result of this pandemic only.πŸ˜‡ ( You may check it out here :- https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Farheen_Ali_Born_Raised_On_a_Go?id=6Dz2DwAAQBAJ )

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