If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney)

Today, Billie Eilish's new song-"My future" saw the face of the world and took its place in hearts. This time I was inspired by this song. Especially creative people know that in the creation of a great work, even insignificant things can be inspired. The only name of it makes to think, right? My future... What do you image? That your dreams have come true, all as you wish. The world is as you want it to be, so everything is as you want it to be. I love dreaming, image! It's magical! Yes, dreaming is good but we can't sit with only dreaming. You have to try and do it. Without it dream can be frustrated. Never say never. You can do it! You are capable of more than you think! Future is your life bridge. You are building it over and over again.There is a big river at the bottom of the bridge. And it's obstacles and difficulties along the way. You could say maybe it will be a small ditch. It depends to you dreams, goals. Are they high or... Never be afraid! Don't be afraid to take risks either. When you fail, that is when you get a step closer to success. You can do it. Noone can do that instead. You, yeah, you, who is reading this go ahead, make your dreams come true and build your own future!!! We all believe you! Move forward, ignoring those who try to cool you down from it! You can do it!!!! But in such cases it is preferable that you do not rush now if it does not coincide with the time of the pandemic! Because to achieve the goal, first of all you must be healthy!!! Take care of yourself and your family, loved ones!

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