Better days are coming

If you think life is unfair now, have patience. Bad days will pass too. You will one day come across the bridge u thought u could never cross. The heart that only gave will one day receive too. The hands that were only left will one day be held too. The way that you've always been looking for will one day find you. The hopes that you've been gathering to prevent falling will one day raise you. The attempts that you made several times but failed will one day make sense too. The problems that drowned you will one day teach you to swim too. The days that were never in your favor will one day be in your favor too. The people who are meant to be will come back to you too. The wastes will one day turn into fertilizer too. The regrets that you have been holding long will one day turn into realization too. The black carbon will one day turn into a sparkling diamond too. The success that you have been running after will one day go on a walk with you. And finally, the happiness that you have been searching for will never leave you.


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