PART III: *ALONE *EXPLORE Have you all been waiting for this? Let's get the final touch to the "Journey of a guy". You wonder with so much ups and downs where that guy is. How a guy who was so introvert and barely talked came to become the most spoken person in college, and quite active in changing the world?" PHASE VIII: With all life being unable to explore, he kept on feeling something missing in life. Life was always there to tell him, “you can never win on me". He wanted something else from life, not just the normal life. It is very much tough as they say, but our limitation—it's only our imagination. Leaving everything aside from the past, he started focusing on things that would make him happy. Loneliness sometime teaches so much thing to us. “When you're surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when you are by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don't feel like you can trust anyone or talk to anybody, you feel like you're really alone.” Journey starts from where we begin. So, He started it. He continued his study on his own. He had no pressure to prove anyone as there was no expectation. Trust me, when there is no pressure of expectation that is when we give our best. He kept on making himself happier and slowly started enjoying his life. He made life very simple, spreading happiness all over the place wherever he went. Maybe, that was something was lacking in his life, "being happy". We start making our life complicated with thing which doesn't even matter for longer period of time. I guess, we must try being happy on little things. He went on going year by year with the visionary attempt to life. He had something in him which he could feel within himself. He was never proud of something he achieved or he was best at, that is one quality that made him different from other. It makes us hungry to go for more. He started making his life meaningful, be interactive and make a good relation among people around. I guess, with the person he was; People nearby could only love him. If there was someone who hates him, It could be only two reason, " either they were unknown about him", or " they were unhappy with attention on him and jealousy factor". It is natural in human nature. But no can deny his presence was more fun than his absence. He was alone inside some days, but he would never let it out. He was a guy with a pure heart. It is not that he didn't have faults in him, but he was loyal to himself. He didn't ever have that feeling to hate to anyone. No matter if someone would hate him, but he always had that respect. I know, it is hard to believe but he just couldn't. He might have been sad with people sometimes but could never be angry. “We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and—in spite of true romance magazines—We shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. So, Alone can be a life itself but we must enjoy the loneliness by doing things we desire to do and things which make us happy. PHASE IX: Exploring life at right time make us ready to face the challenges to come in future. He was there to explore life. With every loss, there comes a way to explore life. Actually, Life must not be with regrets, else it might end on regrets. Life is a journey which tells us to explore with every part of it. He believed in learning new things, every day of his life. Learning is a journey and we must feel the worth of it. He is someone who explored his life and still finding a way to be happy, inspire himself more than anyone else. He is on a journey where even if he doesn't find anyone, he is quite happy with learning. At-least, someday on his journey, he can be proud of himself. The past he had wasn't in his control, but the future can surely be what he wants. Never limit yourself. He is living on dream itself and hope he finds what he dreamed of. It's not that he will forget his past but it is something that will inspire him. She will his biggest inspiration. Our weakness can also be our biggest strength. 1) “THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO LIVE IT, TO TASTE IT, TO EXPERIENCE TO THE UTMOST, TO REACH OUT EAGERLY AND WITHOUT FEAR FOR NEWER AND RICHER EXPERIENCE.” 2) “STUFF YOUR EYES WITH WONDER,' HE SAID, ‘LIVE AS IF YOU'D DROP DEAD IN TEN SECONDS. SEE THE WORLD. IT'S MORE FANTASTIC THAN ANY DREAM MADE OR PAID FOR IN FACTORIES.” I would also like to thank the entire readers of the journey and for making this possible and for being together with him. You have opened the door to bigger and better things for the whole world! May The Magic Dust that I have sprinkled on the story as I was typing it touch you and everyone else who reads this? I wish a miracle, big or small into your lives today! One song that always inspires me: ( (CHECK IT OUT) 🥰😁😃🧡 #KEEP_SMILING #BE_HAPPY “Let us be kinder to one another.” #Cheers HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON WITH ANOTHER STORY.

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