And life goes on

Every day we live, We don't know how to live and yet we still worry about life. Sometimes you have to accept that things will never be the same again. Every day we live, It's true that we don't know the day we're going to die. But as soon as we still have the breath of life. Never say life is over! I know many of you are in pain. There are some who have given way to difficulties and they have taken the disappointment. There are others who have reaped as fruits throughout their lives only from disease. Can we say why life is over? No! Because we are not the master of our life. Is there anyone who can really define what life is like? I do not believe. What we can remember is that life is nothing, but nothing beats life. Sometimes you whisper that you are going to become nothing in this lifetime. But what is your plan to change your life today and succeed in the future? Look inside yourself and think because your future depends only on yourself and the choices that you will have to make today. You who have already made choices for your life, I tell you to stand firm and never to be discouraged. You people who haven't yet done it and are reading this, even though you see that the hardships are taking you away, your eyes are still filled with tears, the problems and the torments want to take you there. where you will never think of visiting, never say that life is over! Know that you have a God up there in the sky. He is and always will be there to help you, no matter how difficult this life will present you. Even if you see an end that is near, Never say that life is over! While you're alive, never say life is over! As you wake up in the morning, remember how precious the privilege of living, breathing and being happy is. Always live with a goal, don't worry too much about life. There is and always will be hope even in the darkest times, never stop believing in it. And that's why I encourage you to say this no matter what may happen: "And after what, keep going!" Even without you, it will continue ...

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