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By Roger Hollings, KillerStartups With there being so many social media sites and an endless stream of posts, videos and other content online, efforts to make your story heard can feel rather pointless.   Not so with BioPage. This new social media platform aims to put the narrative back in your control and enable you the powerfully project your story. At the heart of BioPage, as the name suggests, is your biography. Here you tell your story (briefly) in your own words, letting your personality shine through. No minimal character restraint, no cold resume feel. BioPage equips you to write – and to continue micro-blogging – about you, so that your words aren't lost in the endless stream of posting.   BioPage limits daily posts to two a day, which is enough to share your most important ongoings in your world, while also being a good online neighbor. In other words, we could all do more with less sharing of trivial news. BioPage does everyone a favor by reducing the frequency of posts and forcing us all to make our words count more.   BioPage also includes a social media organizer, a helpful list of links to all of your social media accounts. What's more, users have an ID card which enables them to share custom profiles with others, presenting each individual with the appropriate links and window into your world.   Taken together, these features allow bloggers to tell their story, professionals to network and advance their careers, and for people to simply connect easier online.   “BioPage provides a space for simple and clear communication. It lets users really dive in and tell their story and express who they are. Plus with BioPage, there's a focus on writing, which provides many benefits related to social ability, mental health, and general happiness,” said BioPage Founder Paul Wang.   And speaking of clear communication, BioPage also facilitates direct chats.   There are so many different solutions for interacting, arranging your identity and communicating. BioPage neatly bundles together the essentials so that you can showcase who you are. It's a handy tool for concentrating your personal information and focusing your presence online.   BioPage is now available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android and via desktop at   Unsatisfied with social media? Do you find that platforms fail to help you accomplish your goals or interact as you would like? You're not alone. Wang created BioPage after hearing numerous complaints about social media and being frustrated firsthand in the medical profession with screening applicants' paperwork that inhibited their personality from shining through. Find a better way to express yourself and build your personal brand with BioPage.

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