Scott made me rich

On Friday evening as I was coming back from work , along the road I saw a man with 4 puppies seated by the road side , I stopped to admire the puppies, my love for dogs is so massive but I had no one and would love to get one. So I asked the man how much one of the puppies cost and he told me 1000$. I was shocked because that's my salary for 6 months, the man smiled and told me to succeed in life,I need to take some risk; I smiled and zoomed off. Inside the car, I said to myself " why would I buy a dog for such an amount when I could secure my house without any form of stress or bother". when I got home, I made some researches on dogs and found out that their prices were based on the bread of the dog. But sincerly, I needed a dog not just for security but my love for them kept driving me crazy , "what will I do to get this dog since I can't afford the amount they demand" , I discussed with my girlfriend who was zoophobia, but she told me that she will end our relationship if I ever get a dog in my house , I called my elder brother to borrow some money from him to buy the dog , but I never knew why I was so obsessed with having this dog to the extent of taking loan to buy it; but I never knew that I was headed towards destiny. so when I finally got the loan from my elder brother,I called my girlfriend to tell her that I was going to get they dog the following day , she was so mad at me and started telling me on how our relationship would end if I ever bought the dog, I tried everything possible to make her understand that love is all about sacrifice but she said that I have to choose either her or they dog so finally I made my decision by going ahead to buy the dog at the expense of my relationship. The following day, I went to the place I saw the man and those puppies luckily for me I found him there, then I asked him if he stays there often, he said yes because the people that buy his puppies are mostly strangers passing through that route. I nodded my head in amazement and then told him I wanted to buy a male dog but he adviced me to buy a female dog. I was adamant but I later changed my mind.He reduced the price of the puppy to 800$ and then recommend a veterinary doctor for me. I named my dog "Scott". Everyone seemed displeased about my new dog, but I have never been more happy. I took my dog to the vet house for proper check up before taking her home , little by little "Scott" began to grow into an adult dog and a loveable dog who provides security for everyone in my street After one year Scott received an award for the tallest and most lovable dog of the year, the award also came with other incentives to the owner. I became so popular and rich. After some months I noticed blood stains around my house so I was so afraid that scott had injured herself, I went out to check on her but she was looking healthy with no injuries then I noticed that the blood was dropping from her vagina; so I reported to my vet doctor immediately, he told me that it was a sign that Scott needs to meet with a male dog and that she was on her period at that moment. But I had no male dog I replied him, he now told me to bring Scott to his house, it was hard for me to let go of Scott for a day but I then took Scott to his house, after a couple of days he called me to come and pick Scott up and advised me to be giving her more of calcium till she gives birth. I thanked him and left his house with Scott I was so happy to see Scott again this time with babies. After some weeks I started noticing some changes in Scott's body, her breast changed to pink, she lost her appetite for food and she now backs at any slightest noise which I also complained to my vet doctor who made me to understand that it were signs of the pregnancy. I was so happy because I have already calculated how much I would make from selling those puppies, I prayed that they puppies would be up to six in number. Some weeks later she delivered 12 puppies, I was shocked at they site of seeing those puppies because they were so tiny. I called my doctor immediately to come over to my house which did and he was marvelled , he said that the highest he has seen a dog deliver in a while was 10. So after some weeks due to the fact that Scott was a public figure I sold out the puppies in a day at the cost of 4000$ each , I was able to pay back my loan and became very reach to the extent of opening a dog farm of my own, all this happened because I made they right decision back then , Scott later died after 8 years but she made me a rich and successful man before she died.


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