The Garden of Stone

As the families gather all around, Together, yet alone, Tears fill the eyes of all who visit Here, in the Garden of Stone. We're remembering all the days gone by And the happiness we had known, While we walk with sadness in our hearts Through the Garden of Stone. The Flags are waving proudly, But at half-staff they are flown. They wave for our quiet heroes Within the Garden of Stone. They lived with war's torments and nightmares And never felt more alone. Now, they finally found peace within the walls Of their personal Garden of Stone. The years have left us fond memories, But the emotions that are shown Are mixed with our pride and yet, bitterness Due to the Garden of Stone. The pain will remain within me, No matter how much I have grown, As I kneel beside my loved one, who Lies in the Garden of Stone. But a voice deep inside offers comfort, Saying that from the Garden of Stone, God is leading our fallen heroes as The soldiers make their final march home.

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