Don't Follow a Path, Make your own

Lately I struggle to keep my mind quiet. The world is too loud for me to hear my own thoughts. My heart feels full and content, but it doesn't feel good when all I hear is how we live in scary times. How can I have a smile spread across my face when there is so much turmoil racing through the world? I have to hold it together because if I don't who will? Besides I am a wife and a mother who is family driven and I strive to be the best example that I can be for my children, who watch me and learn from my behaviors, reactions, and decisions. The last thing I want to do is affect them negatively. They are my inspiration to be who I am and my motivation to never give up. But I'm tired. Is that okay? I am tired of the constant division in the world and trying to make sense out of it for myself in a way that I can put it into words to help my children when they ask me why a kid said something to them that they shouldn't have. I am tired of adults acting like children and teaching their children morals that aren't necessary based off of their own feelings. I am tired of adults who discourage children instead of encouraging them and building them up. Where is the positivity? Where is the love? And what happened to the easiest verse to live by, "love each other as I have loved you." I am not a perfect parent or wife, but I do believe in the power of love. I am tired of trying to put things into perspective for my children of why some of us can't get along because we don't agree with politics, religion, or whatever else the media throws our way. When our children have an argument, we are quick to separate them and figure out a resolution and an apology, but for some of us adults, we can't seem to do that. There's too much pride and too much dismissal of the other person's opinion and point of view because it doesn't match our own. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and our own opinions, I get that, obviously I am voicing my own. All I am asking for the world to do is to stop pointing fingers and only seeing from one perspective, it doesn't matter what you support or who you support-that does not define who you are as a human being in my mind. We have all been told what we think or believe is wrong at some point, and that is okay. I like to smile at those things, because they threw stones at Jesus too, but he still loved them. We can too, it's as simple as that. Grace is always worth it.

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