Poetry Battle Friday on Twitter by J.D. Greyson

If you are a poet, or you just love poetry, you may want to check out Poetry Battle Friday on Twitter. This is a weekly poetry competition hosted by JD Greyson @jdgreysonwrites, an author and social media influencer from Urbandale, United States. JD wanted to create a space that encourages creatives to inspire and be inspired by poetry, to encourage interaction amid social media that invoke emotion, thoughts, and reflection. Each week on Twitter participants will challenge themselves to create a poem that must be contained to one tweet and be about the topic selected. Topic posts are made on Wednesdays to allow time for composing and the actual battle post is made Thursday after 5pm CST & closes Friday 5pm CST, which allows for participants all over the world to have equal visibility. Winners are then announced on the following Wednesday post. Poems are then viewed by a panel of anonymous judges who rotate each week to select a winner. Judges focus on several components including: Twitter likes, emotional connection, topic relevance, storyline, voice, & overall effect. The winning poet wins bragging rights for the week, chooses the next topic, and earns exposure by having their poem displayed on Twitter, Medium, Biopage, & Wattpad.

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